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Saturday, May 9, 2020

Digital marketing

                                     Digital marketing
      Digital marketing is a medium through which you can earn money by various process in the internet .this process is can be easily on your laptop or mobile at home .And this is going to be at bigger level in upcoming years. So now i am going to tell you some trics.
          ###Some secrets through which you can earn more money with these plateforms.

     How to earn money through online ?
      1.  Affliated marketing 
          In this you can earn money through marketing ,in which you can earn money when you sell perticular product or item of that company .like you can take through amazon ,today amazon affliated marketin is going on large scale .

      2. Blogging
        Blogging is a process in which you can tell about something to people through writing discription in which you have to collect some good content of yours own .and remember this content should be yours not of any one copied by someone.

     3. SEO (search engine optimization)

      In this SEO mai work is that increase the visibility of people on your website. Through this you have more traffic which increase your views and then get ads on your contect and website and you can earn more mony.
 In this you have to put some keywords which effect your websites more and more.

     4. Social Media Marketing

   In social media marketing ,you can take easily through the various platforms like facebook , instagram ,twitter etc.. in this you can aware to people through your intelligence by your field like traveeling , photo-shoot ,fashion designer , coocking etc.
 In this you have to put your pictures and videos and tell the people about that things which increases your followers and then some companies sponsored you with a great amount and then lot of traffic in your account then lot of you can earn money through this.

        Note - In this process you have to patience and continuity for this . because in one day there is no one get success .


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